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Spiritual disease of Hypocrites - Quran Chapter 2-10 (Pt-1 Stg-1)(L–29)-درس قرآن

Quran Chapter 2-10 (Pt-1 Stg-1)(L–29)-درس قرآن

Spiritual disease of Hypocrites

Surah ‘Al-Baqarah (The Cow) – Chapter – 2) 

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful  

10.  In their hearts is a disease, and Allah Increaseth their disease. A painful doom is theirs because they lie.
10.  Fii quluubihim-marazun, fazaada-humUllaahu marazaa Wa lahum    ‘azaabun ‘aliimum, bimaa kaanu yakzibuun.


Marazun – Disease. There are two kinds of diseases, physical and spiritual. The fault, defect or pain in the body is produced by the bodily disease. And the spiritual disease enrages the manners, and the spirit gets ailment. Here it is the conversation about the spiritual diseases of infidelity and hypocrisy, because they prevent the human being from doing good deeds and arranging for the next life (after death). Here meanings of diseases are ailments of the spirit which prevents to attain the excellence, for instance; ignorance, jealousy, ill-will, love of property & wealth and telling a lie etc.

Fa – (So) this particle indicates towards the talk about the consequence and fruit of above mentioned diseases.

Zaada – (Increased) it means: God Almighty increased their jealousy by giving more victories and promotions to the Messenger (grace, glory, blessings and peace be upon Him) and the Muslims. The disease of enmity against Islam and jealousy with the Muslims was increased more in their hearts.

‘Azaabun ‘aliim – (a Painful Doom/agony), the word ‘aliim has come out from ‘alam, which means pain. The Disbelievers will be punished with a painful agony on the Doomsday.

 Yakzibuun – (They tell a lie). This word has been derived from kizb, which means “a lie”. A lie is that news which is against the reality and harmful for the people.

In this verse, the manners of Hypocrites have been explained with more detail. They have ailment of infidelity and hypocrisy in their hearts which they have grown themselves. As the Muslims are granted promotions and victories, the jealousy and ill-will increases in their hearts.

Fazaada-humUllaahu marazaa - (so Allah Increaseth their disease). It doesn’t mean that God Almighty has increased their infidelity and hypocrisy Himself, but it aims that due to the result of their infidelity and hypocrisy, God Almighty has increased their ailment. Due to such manner, the circumstances so changed, from which they took increment in their disease. Otherwise, if they had used their sense correctly, they would have found the Guidance from the same circumstances. As the result of disease lessens the physical strength, just like this, the result of spiritual disease will be in the form of a Painful Agony on the Day of Resurrection.

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