Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Wages Forever & Abundance of Rewards in Paradise

God says thus to the man who shall faithfully serve him: "I know your works, that you work for me. As I live eternally, your love shall not exceed my bounty. Because you serve me as God your creator, knowing yourself to be my work, and ask nought of me save grace and mercy to serve me faithfully; because you set no end to my service, seeing you desire to serve me eternally: even so will I do, for I will reward you as if you were God, my equal. For not only will I place in your hands the abundance of paradise, but I will give you myself as a gift, so that, even as you are fain to be my servant for ever, even so will I make your wages forever."'

What think you," said Jesus to his disciples, "of paradise? Is there a mind that could comprehend such riches and delights? Man must needs have a knowledge as great as God's if he would know what God wills to give to his servants. Have you seen, when Herod; makes a present to one of his favourite barons, in what sort he presents it?" John answered: "I have seen it twice; and assuredly the tenth part of that which he gives would be sufficient for a poor man." Jesus said: "But if a poor man shall be presented to Herod what will he give to him" John answered: "One or two mites." Now let this be your book wherein to study the knowledge of paradise," [said Jesus]: "because all that God has given to man in this present world for his body is as though Herod should give a mite to a poor man;; but what God will give to the body and soul in paradise is as though Herod should give all that he has, yes and his own life, to one of his servants." 

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